April 8 – From Amed to Sanur, Bali

On our way to our next stop in Bali on the southeast coast near Sanur, we enjoyed seeing the amazing landscape of hills covered in jungle and terraced rice fields plus the valley’s filled with rice fields almost ready for harvest.  As luck would have it, the Water Palace we had visited the day before was on our way so Molly and Dan got to see it also.

Our route also took us by the village of Tenganan which is home to a group known as the Bali Aga or the original Balinese.  Maintaining many of the traditional ways of ritual life and ceremony, we watched as villagers worked together preparing communal meals or food stuffs.  One group was cleaning chickens after they had been killed, one grated coconuts, some tended fires with either huge woks or smoking stuffed banana leaves and one final group of woman took turns rhythmically pounding what looked to be some kind of dough with 3 huge sticks.

We also enjoyed seeing the some of the beautiful crafts produced by the village such as baskets woven from ata grass and pictures scratched on lontar palm and then colored with stain from the charcoal of mahogany wood.



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