A rough map of our trip…


7 responses to “A rough map of our trip…

  1. Thanks Jonathan!

  2. Hi Molly, It seems like you have gone forever!!!!! I miss you SO MUCH!!!!! All the fourth and fifth graders in Stephanie’s class miss you too. I can not believe that you are ONLY half way done with your trip. I am happy that you are enjoying your trip, but I really want to see you. I just realized that I have not e-mailed you once since you left! I have got to change that.
    Emily Bachar

  3. Congrats on embarking on such a wonderful trip! My husband and I hope to do a similar trip when our kids are old enough. I found you through the Katherine’s website. So glad I did!

  4. Hi Lisa! I was thinking about you the other day as we navigated the souks of Marrakech and wondering how your family has adjusted to your round-the-world adventure. Morocco was quite the eye-opener for the family – particularly for Eden, our 7 year old. Wish we had more time there.

    Based on a quick read of your entries, it sounds like the trip has been incredible thus far and I imagine full of surprises and related challenges.

    We have been enjoying life in Suisse and all of the opportunities to travel during school holidays (the schools run for about 6 weeks, then closes for two-weeks and then resumes — this pattern continues over the 12 month cycle). Eden attends a local Suisse school and Adrian attends a small pre-school. Both of the kids are enjoying school. Eden really loves the shorter school day with the at-home 2 hour break for lunch and the freedom of getting to and from school with her good friend who is in the equivalent of 4th grade at the same school. Scooters (or “Trottis” as they are referred to here) are the main means of travel to and from school for the kids. Language has been a challenge for all of us but recently, both kids, as predicted, turned the linguistic corner. I wish I could say the same for the adults!

    Best wishes to you and your family as you continue your journey!

    A bientot,

    Jill, Ryan, Eden and Adrian

  5. Dear Culhanes,

    With spring in full swing, buds about to burst, Easter and Passover almost behind us (well, Easter anyway), I walk by your house and think, “they must be coming home soon.” I hope you are all well and enjoying the last stages of your adventure.
    See you soon?

  6. hi molly and Culhane family.WOW and am so glad to see that you are having a blast. The places that you have been look so wonderful. I am so happy that you and your family have gotten to travel to all these neat places. I miss you so much, hope to see ya soon!
    luv ya!!!!!!!!- Jayda Hinds

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