May 27, parts I and II – Going Home

Ever wished you could do a day over or had more hours in your day? Well, you can.   Just get on a plane in Fiji and fly across the international dateline and poof, it’s yours.  But before you sign-up, a word of advice – it wears you out!

May 27 part one included a pool, plenty of sun, time to relax, read and play — a bit of paradise tempered with excitement and trepidation about returning home.

May 27 part II began at about 10:00 p.m. Fijian time when we boarded our flight for Los Angeles — ten hours later we found ourselves on American soil for the first time in 358 days.  Local time was 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 27.

While a two hour layover could have been a drag we instead experienced a magical re-entry that reinforced our belief that people are often kind beyond measure:  Thaine Allison, the father of a dear friend who we had met many years before, showed up at the LA airport to be the first to welcome us back to America. Carrying flags, a map that outlined our journey, American soil in a small jar so we could actually touch it, gifts for the kids and a picnic of grilled cheese sandwiches, bean dip, macaroni and cheese, fresh vegi’s, root beer and wine, Thaine’s welcome home couldn’t have been more thoughtful.

After our airport picnic and a couple of stories, we bid farewell to Thaine and boarded the final flight of our journey, which was an LA-Denver-London flight.  Thus, we finished our trip, truly circumventing the globe, as we were on the same flight we had caught 51 weeks earlier in Denver.

Marveling at the symbolism, we flew home.


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