November 8 – Jerusalem

Dan and Theo at the Western WallWe spent the day wandering through the Old City of Jerusalem, taking in the history, architecture and contrasts this city presents.  We entered into the old city walls through the Jaffa gate, composed of stones used again and again by successive civilizations and religions — the bricks themselves a jumble of contrasting styles, much like the city itself.  Then we climbed to the roof of the Petra Hotel, the first modern hotel built in the old city in the 1870’s, (now a VERY run down youth hostel) for a bird’s eye view of the city and the Mount of Olives.  We then climbed down and wandered through the streets full of archeological wonders, stories and history.  Finally, when we could not take in any more information and the dates began to swim in our brains, we stopped for a late lunch of falafel, humus and fresh squeezed pomegranate juice at the legendary Abu Shukri.


3 responses to “November 8 – Jerusalem

  1. Ok folks, it’s time to check your dates, you are going backwards in the calendar. Maybe they do that east of here? Just wondering………

  2. Oh yeah. More Falafel. (Warms the cockles of my Israel memories)

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