October 27


October 27 Picking Olives at Melrose Hotel in Pamukkale

Picking Olives

We were all feeling a bit run down from all the fasted paced travel over the past couple of weeks and decided to extend a day at the delightful hotel  in Pamakkale to relax.


While eating breakfast, we noticed the owner of the hotel, along with a couple of the women who work there, picking olives.  We jumped right in and asked if we could join them.  While they thought it was crazy that we wanted to pick olives they quickly included us and even gave us a lesson in olive making.  (A long and patient process!)

Talking as we picked olives the owner of the hotel  suggested we visit the local mud baths, thermal pools and sauna, warning that it wasn’t fancy or geared for tourists.  Perfect!

After a quick trip to purchase train tickets for our eventual overnight ride to Istanbul, we spent the late morning and early afternoon catching up on journals, blog posts, reading, math and Latin before heading off for the mud baths.  After getting a bit lost, we finally found ourselves bouncing down a dirt road and then a dirt path towards the baths.  Initially unsure when we saw the place we decided to plunge ahead and glad we did.  While being buried in hot mud isn’t necessarily fun, it was an interesting experience that none of us would have wanted to miss.  That, along with seeing others arrive and nod and smile  at our foreigner status was worth the price of admission.

October 27 Molly in the mudbath

Molly in the mud bath

While Theo was too young for the mud part, he gamely played  photographer in the sweltering room and joined us in the very hot thermal pools and sauna for the couple of minutes we could tolerate.  Very relaxed, we headed back to the hotel for an early dinner and bed time.

(In a side note,  I alone had rallied for continued travel, but have been thrilled with the outcome of  slowing down, which we have continued to do over the last couple of days.  Hopefully, I’ve learned my lesson.)




One response to “October 27

  1. It sounds like you had a delightful, relaxing day. My mud bath in Calistoga, CA will last me for this lifetime. (The experience was oozy and interesting and felt good after I washed it all off. I think it was my mind that kept wondering how many other people had been soaking in that same mud? Not a pleasant thought to ponder.)

    Slowing down and meeting the locals sounds like a wonderful idea too!

    Love, M – 3

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