October 24 – Kusadasi, Turkey

Looking around Kusadasi

Looking around Kusadasi

After a morning of searching for a rental car, we were off to visit the ancient Greek and Roman ruins in Turkey.  Ends up our search for the car wasn’t entirely dull as we discovered  a small breakfast place attracting a very local crowd and serving up potatoes wrapped in philo dough for breakfast.  Mmmm, good.

A start that was later than we anticipated on roads that weren’t too fast combined to thwart our effort to visit Ephesus today.  Instead we settled for a walk around Kusadasi, the town nearest the site that’s been over run by cruise ships but still manages to hold on to some of it’s charm.  We opted for dinner at a restaurant away from the tourist area that ended up being a BBQ joint, which to our amazement ended up not being a complete bust as they were very accomodating of our lack of Turkish and crazy vegitarian request.


One response to “October 24 – Kusadasi, Turkey

  1. I love the name Kusadasi! It sounds like the makings for a wonderful song or poem. “I lost my heart in Kusadasi………”

    What did they barbecue for you vegetarians? Some tasty potatoes and veggies perhaps?

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