October 23 – Marmaris, Turkey

Marmaris, Turkey

Marmaris, Turkey

At our current fast and furious pace, we left Rhodes in the late afternoon, bound for Turkey.  We arrived in Marmaris, an uninspiring harbor town, but an easy ferry trip from Greece.  In a nod to our interest in only needing a place to sleep we hit a new Culhane record (low) and found a room for $7.00!  I wouldn’t say it was our best nights sleep, but it was clean.


One response to “October 23 – Marmaris, Turkey

  1. I’d like a description of the $7.00 room. Did that include a bathroom down the hall? Were you all in one space? How many beds? Warm or cold water? (Did you walk barefoot in the room, Lisa? I always think of you when I’m barefoot in various motels and hotels.)

    Our best bargain (if one can call it that?) on our trip to Europe in 1966 was $1.00 a night in Seville with a cold water shower. The next night was a luxury hostel with warm water at $1.50. (Those definitely were the days of Europe on $5 a Day!) The most memorable deal was the bottle of wine in Madrid for eleven cents! I doubt if it was what we would consider to be fine wine these days.

    It’s fun how some of these bargain basement experiences are the ones that we remember best!

    Onward and upward.

    Love, M-3

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