October 18 – Athens, Greece

At the Parthenon

At the Parthenon

Today we visited the Acropolis and it was one of those times when traveling to multiple destinations demonstrated its value.

On day 2 of our trip we visited the British Museum and saw sculptures that once decorated the outside of the Parthenon  including  pediments and metopes that illustrate episodes from Greek mythology and the frieze that represents the people of contemporary Athens in religious procession.

Later, in Paris at the Louvre, we had seen the tenth metope from the south facade of the Parthenon and the Plaque of Ergastines.

Today, we saw the Parthenon and envisioned those pieces on the massive structure.

We also discussed how it is that pieces from the Parthenon are scattered about in museums far from Greece and the current debate about their rightful home.  (A debate we could easily see the validity of both sides and had no quick answer to.)


One response to “October 18 – Athens, Greece

  1. You may recall that I spent a year living in Athens after I graduated from college. Wish I was there with you (as does John) to revisit my haunts. I hear that there is a marvelous new museum on the Acropolis. Hope you climb up Mt Lycavitos and check out the view. Miss you Harold & John

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