Country Affinities by Molly

Many people have an affinity for a particular country. Maybe it is because they can connect with the people there, or because they like the landscape, or because they had a past life there and they have unfinished business in that country. Or maybe there is another reason.

We are really realizing that on this trip and I thought it would be worth a blog post.

My country is by far Ireland. I love the Irish people. I love the traditional music. I love the literature and the culture. I love the history and the way the Irish approach their history. I even love the rain. Even before we decided to come on this trip I had a bond with Ireland. It grew when we went: It was all I had hoped for and more! I loved the sights to see and the 100 shades of green and the adventures I went on with my family and with Maggie and Liam. I have only been once, and I already want to live there when I grow up. I believe that my love for Ireland comes from another lifetime.

Daddy, on the other hand, has an affinity for Italy. He is a lot like the Italians: very disorganized, and with Daddy, every point has to be argued. He loves his food (especially gelato) and his opera. Daddy has loved Italy for a very long time. He majored in Classics in college and spent a semester in Rome. Fluent in Italian, Daddy made plans to move to Rome in 2004, and when those fell through, we decided to go on this trip. If not for me, Mommy, and Theo, Daddy would live in Italy.

Mommy and Theo haven’t found their special place yet. For all we know, they belong in Denver, Colorado! You don’t have to love a specific place to enjoy being there and traveling to other countries.

Do YOU have another country or state that you have a connection to? Where is it? What do you love about it? I am so excited to hear from you!


4 responses to “Country Affinities by Molly

  1. Dear Molly,

    I love your post.

    Maybe it’s genetic with your father loving Italy the most. I have to admit it’s the same for me. (Greece and Bali are very high on my list too.)

    Prendi il primo pullmann, via…
    Tutto il resto e gia poesia

    Your father can translate this for you. However one gets to Italy, the rest is already poetry!

    With all my Love, Marmie

  2. Molly,
    I loved Ireland to. I want to live there to when i grow up. I also loved the traditional music.\

  3. Molly,
    ¡Me amo España, particularmente Barcelona! ¡¡La architectura de Gaudí es fantástica!!
    Buenos viajos,

  4. Hi Molly,

    What a wonderful blog. Very insightful. Since my travels have been few, I must say I love where I live. It’s a great city and wonderful mountains to enjoy, I always feel better after I come back from the mountains. I hope you will write some stories about these wonderful adventures you have been on and will be on starting this next leg of you trip.

    Love Nana & Papa

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