October 4

We choose a quieter day, after the previous days barrage of sites, smells, tastes and sounds.  However, even taking it easy, the sites were no less interesting.  After a slow morning in the Riad, we ventured out to the Bathe Museum and gardens.  Some places have wonderful museums and some places don’t.  Seems like in Morocco, their living history is much more interesting and displayed.  An unaccompanied walk through the Medina (old city) followed, which we managed by not veering too far off the main roads and thus never got too lost!

Here comes the coke delivery truck

Here comes the coke delivery truck

Along the way we purchased lunch, which we enjoyed on the roof of the Riad, followed by another venture into the Medina.  We also were lucky to witness a pre-wedding ceremony out our front door.  Each Muslim country has distinct wedding customs and in the  Moroccan ceremony we witnessed, the husband, his family and friends bring gifts of dates, turmeric and henna to his wife to be.   The ceremony is a noisy, fun parade up and down the streets to her house from his, in which friends and family herald the couple with music and dance.


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  1. wow, thats A LOT of wait on a horse

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