September 22

DSC00498Enjoying a breakfast coffee and hot chocolate in the square outside of our apartment in Arcos de la Frontera.  Breakfast for the locals was a coffee and ham sandwich, so we opted for just the coffee and hot chocolate part!  Mmmm.

As for the ham part, I’ve never seen so much in my life.  EVERY place has at least one leg that they’re carving from and most places have more than a few hanging around waiting to be eaten, hooves intact.  However, on the plus side of the eating in Spain equation, the olive and pickles are as ubiquitious as the ham and fun to try in their many versions.  Our favorite was a spear sporting a piece of pickled onion, carrot, pickle, pepper and olive.  Yum.


3 responses to “September 22

  1. Como os va por Sevilla? Os recomiendo cojais un tranvia que hay en el centro y asi veis la parte turistica de Sevilla.Un saludo familia de un amigo de Arcos de la Frontera.
    Daniel Moreno

  2. Ah¡, sinceramente gracias por alojarse en mi modesto pero muy bonito alojamiento, espero que os vaya bien por el mundo, un abrazo de Daniel Moreno.

  3. Hi guys! Happy Birthday Lisa!! How is it to be in Europe and turning 30? (wink) I am having a bit more landscaping done in my backyard. Isn’t that ridiculous? I am a glutton for the ridiculous… I head to DC for the weekend — miss you guys tons. Leaves are turning and even though it has been cold it is always so beautiful here! love you guys!

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