September 7

Hike to Monterosa

Hike to Monterosa

Fire burns on

Fire burns on

We woke up to a sky heavy with smoke and the fire still raging.  Once again assured that all was okay, we went about our day as 3 planes and 1 helicopter continued to fight the blaze that had destroyed one hillside and was now working it’s way along a second.  The trail between Corniglia and Vernazza was closed, so we took the train to Vernazza to escape the smoke and hiked to Monterossa and watched as the planes continued to work throughout the day, indicating that the fire still burned.  However, when we arrived home in the late afternoon, it was easy to see that it was finally under control, if not out, and we’re hopeful that it will be extinguished by nightfall.


4 responses to “September 7

  1. Glad the fire is out. Nothing funny to say about that.

    For sure, Cinque Terre was my favorite “place” in Italy. The food, wine, people and landscape seemed inextricable (word?) from one another. If you find the local dish of pasta with fresh seafood from the local waters, served in a cast iron pot that has a shell of burnt bread on top – OMG eat it! You’ll be forgiven by the god of vegetarian behavior, I promise!

    Molly (and/or Theo): If you are bored one day, how about importing a map of the continent into a program like Powerpoint, and then drawing in lines to show where you have been? It would really help those of us who are geographically challenged (or just young) to follow along.

    We love and miss you guys – the boys were talking about M&T, and my wife exclaimed the other morning, after reading something twisted, that she loved and missed Lisa. Sorry Dan – no really misses you enough to have mentioned it out loud…

  2. Let me be the first person then to say out loud that I miss Dan very much! Of course I miss Lisa and Molly and Theo as well. How awful about the fire.We have been getting lots of smoke and ash from the California blaze which is bothering everyones allergies.

  3. Hey Culhanes,
    I greatly enjoyed visiting your website. Now why did my mom and dad not take me for a trip aound the world? We miss you here but relish the (mostly) fun that you are having.
    A couple of things:
    We have had leftover beer in the fridge from a bbq from early summer. It is not Guinness but I have decided to have one and committed to have another every day or so to dispose of it.
    Next time you go in a church say hey for me as I have not been in years.
    Learn as many recipes, vegetarian or not, as you can so that we can try some of what you are eating when you return.
    I may reconsider my plans for getting cremated when I go.

  4. Glad the fire was not threatening. I’ve read about Cinque Terre, and it sounds delightful. The view in front of the Tower of Pisa – classic!

    It’s been in the 80s here, but tomorrow will drop about 20 degrees!

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