September 2 – Florence

View over Florence

View over Florence

We made the pilgrimage to Florence today to see exactly how many museums we could visit and how much history we could absorb before the kids called uncle.

After a visit to the National Gallery to see Michelangelo’s David and the unfinished prisoners, among other works of art, including a couple of beautiful Stradivarius instruments, we did the “Renaissance Walk” to see the monuments and buildings that define that time in Italian history, including the Duomo, Giotto’s Tower and Palazzo Vecchio – the seat of Florence’s political power during it’s hey day.  We ended our walk at the Uffizi Gallery to trace the rise of realism in art that marked the Renaissance period and was best captured by the Italian artists of the day.

A couple hours later, while wandering the halls of the Uffizi, the kids finally called uncle, after exhibiting amazing patience and interest.  Thus, our day in Florence ended with a much earned Gelato, a visit to an English book store, and a last walk around Florence to see Santa Croce, before heading across the Arno and up the hill to the Piazzale Michelangelo for a final spectacular view of Florence before climbing into car.


One response to “September 2 – Florence

  1. I’m studying Leonardo Di Vinchi.He studyed there.Wish I was there!!!!!

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