August 31 – Siena

August 31 Sienna

Tavernelle Val Di Pesa is directly between Siena and Florence, so today we headed south to Siena.  Many would argue that the best that Sienna has to offer are Il Campo, considered by some to be the best square in Italy and the site of the running of the Palio, and the architecturally interesting and art packed Duomo.  However, we found our favorite site a little off this beaten track at the Sanctuary of St. Catherine.  Not only does this church display a plethora of gory art but it houses both St. Catherine’s head and thumb as relics!  Oh the joy of it all!


2 responses to “August 31 – Siena

  1. August 31…and your favorite site is having to do with St. Catherine. Coincidence? 🙂

  2. Lisa, Shawn, Gianna and Kylee

    Our kids found the relics to be an eerie and strange part of the church adventure, but also had a morbid fascination with it. This particular relic is one of the more bizarre.

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