August 22 – Rome

Already wishing to return at Trevi Fountain

Already wishing to return at Trevi Fountain

After a quick side trip to Assisi to see St. Francis’s Basilica and Hermitage we were bound for a favorite of Dan and mine – Rome.  We arrived to a VERY hot August day and got right out into the heat to sample the Gelato and see a few sights.  After a stop for “walking” potato pizza, we headed to Piazza Navona and the Pantheon and then to Giolitti, established in 1900 and considered one of the best Gelatorias in Rome, to sample the wares – 4 Culhanes, 10 flavors sampled!  A bit more walking in the heat led to the discovery of the fabulous “drinking” fountain system in Rome which is both fun and handy!  We took a quick break from the heat before we headed back out to dinner and a look at the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain.

Legend has it that if you throw a coin over your shoulder into Trevi Fountain you’ll return to Rome.  Not wanting to take any chances, we took care of this important task on our first night.


One response to “August 22 – Rome

  1. Hi Team Culhane!
    First: I had to vote for the tongue – pretty creepy. And then, I have to say, I’m thrilled that you’re taking your charge to analyze gelato quality across Rome and Italy seriously. I think it’s a very important field of research. It happens to be one I have personal expertise in as well. I love seeing all of the Italian areas you’re visiting. I am a total Italy fan.
    Third I have to say that I’m astounded to learn that there is a land (Paris) where eclairs become second rate to something else – That blows my mind. Who knew? Anyway, here in Sunny Co, you’re not missing too much. Certainly aren’t missing anything from a gelato perspective. You did miss a few good moke sp? lines last weekend. We missed you as we tried to challenge Gabe and Nikita during their belt test. We were well rewarded with some Serioz after. Surely there’s room in Italy – or Budapest for a quick Ten Corner Kick drill! Hope you’re all still having a ball! Keep smiling….

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