August 20 – Spoleto, Italy

A charming street in Spoleto

A charming street in Spoleto

We arrived in Spoleto after a beautiful drive through the Italian Umbrian countryside.  Spoleto is a favorite town of Dan’s with it’s ruins of a Roman aqueduct from the 13th century, ancient Roman amphitheatre, multiple fountains all carrying fresh drinking water and 12th century Duomo, not to mention the many charming narrow cobblestone streets.

Oblivious to the Italian fashion scene, please note the crocs and socks look sported by Lisa in this picture… Our family foundthis  simple fashion faux pas a wonderful catalyst  to re-write Dr. Suess to include Fox in Socks in Crocs…


2 responses to “August 20 – Spoleto, Italy

  1. I’m sure your feet are ready for an occasional change of pace. Fox in Socks in Crocs seems like a great solution!

    I LOVE Spoleto too! I’m wondering if you’re enjoying Italy as much as you enjoyed Ireland? What’s not to love?

    I can’t wait to be with you soon.

    xoxox M-3

  2. How about the Spoleto music festival? Wasn’t Gian Carlo Menotti, composer of Amahl and the Night Visitor from there? They also have a Spoleto music festival in South Carolina which Menotti started. Wish I was there!

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