Relics (by Theo)

We have seen many relics on this trip. Relics are something a holy person touched or sometimes a holy person’s body part. It has been interesting seeing them. I think they are kind of weird. Like we saw St. Altmann’s severed head from 1124; that is a long time ago.

St. Stephen's severed hand. Black and shriveled. Creepy.

St. Stephen's severed hand. Black and shriveled. Creepy.

We also saw St. Stephen’s hand which has been preserved from when he died in 1078, way long ago; it was black and shriveled and creeps me out to think about it. We saw St Antonio’s tongue, jaw, and vocal cords in St Antonio’s cathedral. At a castle we saw a drop of blood from Jesus (apparently). Now that must be black. We also saw a thorn from his hat in a crown. That would be hard to find. I sure would not like having my head preserved.


3 responses to “Relics (by Theo)

  1. Oooh, relics are creepy but really interesting too. Sounds like you have seen some good ones! Thanks for writing Theo and Johan says hi.

  2. Hello to all of you, but mostly Theo. I miss my weekly time with you, but I’m assured that you are having the time of your life. I loved reading about your thoughts on relics. I think saving body parts after we are dead is pretty creepy, too. I love seeing the daily pictures and hearing all the wonderful stories you have every day. I always look forward to your posts.

  3. When I was in graduate school I studied relics all over Europe. It’s a fascinating and bizarre religious practice, that’s for sure!

    Great post, Theo.

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