August 14 – Soave, Italy

August 14 Soave Castle in Italy

As we prepared to leave Venice for Verona, we asked the proprietor of our hotel where he liked to go in the area.  Without a moment’s hesitation, he suggested Soave, a small walled town with an amazing castle about 20 kilometers from Verona and we will be forever grateful for his recommendation.

Soave is a small town that we would have driven right past on the autostrada, it has an amazingly preserved and presented castle (currently declared Dan’s and my favorite of the 20 plus we’ve seen thus far while the kids still count the Castle at Kidwelly as their favorite), multiple family wineries and lucky for us, a winery that had a vacant room in their lovely bed and breakfast; Instead of our planned one, we stayed for three days, enjoying the peaceful setting, lovely region and good wine.


2 responses to “August 14 – Soave, Italy

  1. Hi Culhanes,
    ?Remember us- Hannah on Clermont St? We are going to Italy for month of June. Your visit to Soave sounds intriguing. Would you remember the winery that had a vacant room by chance? Love reading your blog-what a fantastic experience it must be! Kim/Tom/Hannah/Ellie

  2. Hi Kim–
    Our delightful winery/hotel was Monte Tondo, whose website may be found here: We all still think of Soave as one of our favorite finds during this trip–a wonderful castle, great gelato, comfortable and welcoming lodging at Monte Tondo, beauty, serenity, and great wine. What else could one want?

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