August 3

In the ruins of a castle above the town of Durnstein, Austria.

In the ruins of a castle above the town of Durnstein, Austria.

We took a delightful hike through the woods in northern Austria near the town of Durnstein. Austria is a hiker’s paradise, with miles and miles of marked and mapped trails that connect the small towns dotting the Danube River. The astute observer will note the following about this picture: 1. The large abbey resting on the mountain behind us (it looks like a huge castle, but is hard to see). 2. This is just about the only picture of Dan and Lisa without kids. Weird, huh?

But for something really, really weird, click here. You will see Team Culhane performing the last verse of The Austrian Song, which somehow seemed apropos. It tells the story of an Austrian yodeler whose attempts to sing are repeatedly interrupted, first by an avalanche, then by grizzly bear, a St. Bernard, a milking cow, a maiden fair, a hunter, and finally, by St. Peter. Move over, Von Trapps. The Culhane Family Singers are taking over. Ahem.


4 responses to “August 3

  1. Love the video, I actually miss Lisa’s singing. It’s nice to know the hills were alive with it. Germany and Austria are two of my favorite places.

  2. It’s wonderful to have the hills alive with the Culhane sounds of music. I think even the Von Trapps would have been challenged by that one!

    As a technically challenged person, I’m deeply impressed that you are able to add videos to your blog. I followed up watching yours with two bits from other Culhane videos. They are giving the family a very bad name!

    I learned yesterday that 150,000 videos are added to YouTube daily! No wonder it’s filled with some pretty questionable stuff. Thanks for adding some real value:-)

    xoox M-3

  3. Love this picture of you two. Awesome! Taking a tangent, how are you approximating your number of steps taken? I’m just curious… xoxo, Katherine

  4. That video is hysterical; I thought perhaps you were going to go w/ The Hills are Alive….

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