A Note on Traveling

It seems I have a different opinion on the traveling part of traveling than everyone else. In two different forms of writing, I will explain our different attitudes.

Molly: An Interview with Myself

Molly: So, Molly, how do you feel about traveling?

Molly: It is one of my favorite parts.

Molly: What do you like about it?

Molly: It’s exhilarating! The castles and cities are all starting to blend together, but it is so exciting to be on the road going somewhere unknown!

Molly: Have you ever been disappointed?

Molly: Only in Prague and Coventry. I swear, everywhere else I liked it, loved it, or was expecting something horrible.

Molly: What are the coolest places you’ve been?

Molly: I would consider living in Ireland, Holland, or England. Or all three.

Molly: Where are you going next?

Molly: No idea. I think people at home who have checked the blog just once know the itinerary better than I do. Maybe that is what makes traveling so cool. I think we might be heading to a town by the name of F#cking next. Maybe Saltzburg.

Molly: Thanks for your time. You can get back to writing your blog post now.

Mommy, Theo, and Daddy: A Short Play

(Culhane family sitting at dinner table, discussing traveling.)

Lisa: Guys, I have decided that I don’t like the traveling part of traveling.

Molly: Really? Gosh, I love it!

Theo: I agree with Mommy.

Dan: Yeah, it gets boring.

Lisa: Well, I can’t read in cars or on boats, and my favorite part is going to museums and stuff.

(Molly gives confused look from opposite side of the table)

Dan: Well, maybe the plan should be staying in places a little longer unless we really hate them.

Theo: I agree with Daddidookerus.

Sigh. I really don’t mind our current “At least three days in each place unless we hate it” rule, though.


2 responses to “A Note on Traveling

  1. Molly,

    I loved your interview with yourself and short play. I agree with your mother that the traveling part of traveling can be really exhausting. And the jewels at the end of the journey can be fantastic! All of you will be the real jewels at the end of my journey when I come to be with you the end of August!

    I was surprised to read that Prague and Coventry were disappointing for you. I’d like to hear more about that when we have a chance to talk next.

    I’m sure it was wonderful to be in Austria and to be able to hike, bike and play in the Danube! Being a non-tourist is wonderful too!

    I love you and can’t wait to be with all of you!


  2. Allison Cryor DiNardo

    Hi Molly,

    When I was 21, I traveled all over Europe for two months and I thought all the beautiful castles, churches and museums starting blending together, just like you.

    My best friend and I decided we would start visiting zoos so we could start visiting the same places the local people were visiting on their vacations (in addition to the all of the castles, churches and museums). It turned out to be a lot of fun!

    Thanks for writing part of the blog. You’re an excellent writer.

    Allison Cryor DiNardo (Deirdre’s sister)

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