August 2 – Durnstein, Austria

Playing in the Danube

Playing in the Danube

After touring the Gottweig Abbey outside of Krems, Austria, we headed to Durnstein, a lovely small town on the Danube for a couple days of hiking, biking and playing in the river.

Please note, that the Danube is not blue which leads to the conclusion that either Johann Strauss was a romantic or that the river has undergone a major transformation.  (The locals assure us it is the former and that the river has never been blue.)


One response to “August 2 – Durnstein, Austria

  1. CT, Esther, ACL, APL

    Hi guys!
    The blog is a blast. Perhap you should call it the Culhane blast. Anyhow, thanks for all the vicarious living you give us each day. We read you regularly and particularly enjoyed the YouTube Austrian song. Dan or Theo perhaps could have thrown in a good front kick or roundhouse there at the end.
    In my 3 weeks of Eurail-pass-enabled meanderings, I made a last minute decision to to to Vienna, which I loved, but only got to see the Danube from over a high concrete wall at night. So, no help to your Danube-color quest for truth, I can only say it looked black at 10pm in April 1989.

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