July 29

Overlooking the Pest side from the Buda side

Overlooking the Pest side from the Buda side

A second day spent walking the city, this time the Buda side with it’s castle and labyrinth and caves found beneath it.   A weird highlight was the visit to a museum depicting an ancient apothecary.


3 responses to “July 29

  1. Unless Molly is standing on something she looks like she is taller than Lisa. Will I recognized her when I see her. It must be all the knowledge she is getting that is filling her head and making her taller.


  2. I never realized that Budapest is divided by a river. Do they seriously call one part Buda and the other pest? I’d rather be a Buddha than a pest.

    xoxoox M- 3

  3. Marilyn Munsterman

    Charles and I are spending a week in Paris in a great apartment in the 5th. Glad you finally got the the put your feet here toilet. We see lots of them in the French countryside and always in Morocco and around the world. Hint: if you are female, wearing a skirt makes it easier. Glad you are having fun. We go back to our house in the country on Sunday. Love to you all. Contact us if you want to meet up.

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