The Czech Republic Favorite Memories

  1. Saw first hand the window where The Second Defenestration happened, which started the Thirty Years War – oh how we love the word defenestration!
  2. Saw Karlstejn Hrad (Charles Castle) where Charles the fourth, Holy Roman Emperor, sometimes lived
  3. Learned that beer is cheaper to drink than water (if only the kids could drink beer)
  4. Visited Prague castle
  5. Shot a real crossbow – they’re heavy
  6. Visited the church where Princess Lubuse had her vision of the city that would be Prague
  7. Saw Dvorak’s grave and sang the Beethoven’s Wig version of Humoresque in his memory
  8. Visited the Jewish ghetto at Terezin
  9. Visited the Concentration Camp at Terezin
  10. Learned that the Czech language either needs more vowels or less consonants
  11. Visited a very unfriendly US embassy
  12. Saw a contraption that works like a hamster wheel built for two men and was used to pull a very large bucket of water up 80 meters to supply a castle with water
  13. Ate surprisingly good vegetarian food (you’ve got to love potatoes!)
  14. Saw somebody performing one of the worst jobs in the world (a guard at the Prague Castle)
  15. Walked the moat around Prague Castle
  16. Went to 0 of the bajillion boring museums
  17. Got kicked out of a grocery store (after waiting in the checkout line for quite a while) because the cash register had broken
  18. Noticed both the Communist and Capitalist influence
  19. Visited the Czech senate with it’s dripping wall and owlery
  20. Visited the Jewish cemetery with it’s packed together gravestones

One response to “The Czech Republic Favorite Memories

  1. (Julianne Schwartz) I am terribly jealous of your year long vacation! Trust me, if I can swing it when I have kids, we’re doing the exact same thing. I was in Prague for a little while last summer and you were talking about the complicated language, we had a guide named Thomas (pronounced toe-massh) and he taught us only one word, thinking us stupid Americans wouldn’t understand anything else (which he was probably right). Ahoy! so Ahoy from Dallas

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