Accomplished in France

  1. Became almond croissant connoisseurs
  2. Tried every breakfast pastry and (almost)every dessert at the local patisserie
  3. Learned that being a vegetarian = hard to eat out
  4. Learned that being a vegetarian = terrific to eat in thanks to the open-air markets
  5. Tasted the best apricots and nectarines of our lives (so far)
  6. Saw the Mona Lisa almost smile
  7. Enjoyed seeing Monet’s work from the beginning of his career to the end
  8. Found a favorite impressionist in Degas
  9. Viewed the city on high from different vantage points
  10. Climbed 668 steps to the top of the Eiffel Tower
  11. Learned how to make Champagne and traveled 100 feet underground to do it
  12. Spent many happy hours with the Gottesfelds
  13. Saw the gargoyles of Notre Dame
  14. Took a cruise on the Seine
  15. Spotted the little green man again
  16. Wandered through Albert Kahn’s Japanese, French, and English gardens and marveled at his cultural contribution.
  17. Julia, Laura, Sarah, Molly, and Theo invented and played elevator tag four times and got yelled at, in French, four times for doing so.
  18. Encountered our first squat toilet
  19. Counted 12 streets that surround the Arc de Triumphe
  20. Figured out how to celebrate Bastille Day and did so by Dancing at a fireman’s ball and watching fireworks at the Eiffel Tower

One response to “Accomplished in France

  1. Can’t wait to hear about the breakfast rolls, including those croissants aux amandes. What a wonderful thing… to eat and drink your way around the world! It’s a culinary journey, among other things. xoxo, Katherine

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