July 12, picture of the day

July 12, Luxemburg GardensAfter an overcast, misting morning spent wandering the local open air market, buying fresh vegis, fruit, cheese, wine, pastries, bread AND a roasted chicken we headed home to nibble (okay scarf) our pastries and get ready to meet the Gottesfelds at Luxembourg Gardens for a picnic.

–As a side note, ends up we have become pastry snobs. (Pastobs, but more on that later.)  Our local patisserie is closed on Saturaday’s and Sunday’s, so we tried a different place, which we agreed wasn’t near as good as our preferred local patisserie.

After our late breakfast, we packed up sandwiches, bread, fruit AND the roasted chicken and headed to Luxembourg Gardens in search of mini sailboats that have been around forever and are captained with a stick.

A good 1 1/2 hours of sailing paired with the good will band of 250 teenagers from Utah playing in the band shell nearby and topped off by a lovely picnic, including bees that couldn’t get enough of the well traveled and much maligned (by the Culhane’s) roasted chicken,  and we were off to the next stop for ice cream at Berthillion, thought to be the first ice cream shop in Paris and the best.  After refueling, Dan and Theo headed home while Molly and I, together with team Gottesfeld, visited the Holocaust Memorial, which is (surprisingly) well done, thoughtful, introspective and insightful.

Captain Theo with his trusty navigation system

Captain Theo with his trusty navigation system


One response to “July 12, picture of the day

  1. It seems like you are having a delightful time in Paris! How wonderful to be able to share it with the Gottesfelds.

    Did you visit the first ice cream shop that was ever built in Paris or was it the first one you’ve seen or visited since being in Paris? If it’s the latter, we’ll need to remedy that at some of the many gelaterias in Italy!

    I can’t wait to see what you enjoy next in beautiful Paris.

    xoox M – 3

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