July 9

DSC01116After trying a couple new pastries for breakfast – chocolate pear croissant and tournad au chocolate (and a couple of our very favorite almond croissants)’ we headed to the Musee d’Orsay for an afternoon of the great Impressionist.   I was, once agian, in awe at being able to see such an abundance of  fabulous art in one place.  What a treat.

Rose is all the rage in the wine stores, so we tried a sparkling rose last night with our cheese and bread and I must say, it wasn’t anything like the pink champagne I drank in college… it was actually good! Good friends, a bit of ratatouille and bottles of red later, and all was fine in Paris!   (I’m currently reading,  “My Life In France” by Julia Child so feel I must describe the food and drink, however, very un-Julia like, decided to leave out the description of  the shopping for (done in an open air market, fromangerie (cheese store)  and boulangerie with lots of pointing, smiling, grunting and more than a few mistakes but no discussion about the freshest, best, etc., at least that I understood!)  and cooking of the dinner.)


5 responses to “July 9

  1. for some reason I feel like stopping on the way home at a bakery to snatch up every croissant they have … but I know it won’t be the same at all. The American Eunice has pretty much the same pushiness/helpfulness as you have found with the British Eunice. I have had quite a few times searching for a holiday inn somewhere in Kansas and she is repeatedly telling me to make a U-turn. I can almost hear her exasperation with the idiocy I am demonstrating.

    miss you and love you all

  2. Marshall Gottesfeld

    I would strongly encourage the many friends of the Culhane clan to come visit them during their year long journey. We five have had an incredible time visiting the museums, seeing the sights, but mainly spending time as two families wandering the streets, eating incredible food, and drinking great wine together. I do not think our kids would have done as well as they have without Molly and Theo providing such great company. It has been an incredible experience.

  3. We are just home from a long, hot day at the pool. How I would love to be having a glass of sparking rose with the Culhanes in Paris!

  4. Ah, what fun!
    Are you going to the Cluny Museum? The kids might like it–an old Roman Bath now filled with medieval art and artifacts. And there’s a Roman amphitheater, Arennes de Lutece, just off rue Monge. The last time I was there we had a picnic and watched a group of old guys playing bocce balls.

    I love your description of the food–keep it up.

  5. CT, Esther, ACL, APL

    It’s possible that the Musee d’Orsay is my favorite museum in the world. Your photo brought back a rush of memories for me. The Louvre I took in at a brisk walk, to my dismay; wish I had spent days there. All of you look great. Anyone practice kata in the courtyard at the Louvre? That would be a hoot. Happy trails!

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