July 8

July 8 Eiffel Tower at nightAfter a couple of hours at the Louvre, team Culhane, together with team Gottesfeld, gathered together picnic supplies and headed over to watch the “light show” at the Eiffel tower.   At 10:30, as it faded into twilight, the entire tower began to twinkle (think Christmas tree with blinking lights) for a couple of minutes as those around erupted into the requisite oh’s and ah’s.  You see us (well, sort of) , watching as the tower lights became more visible as the light faded.  Soon after, we packed up and headed home, 4-11 years olds in tow, well after 11:00 at night,  missing the full drama of the Tower lit up against a dark sky, but enjoying ourselves and the sight none-the-less.


2 responses to “July 8

  1. I wonder what it would take to get my kid to walk 15 miles a day? Do you ever hear whining? If so, what do you do about it? Or was this an “understanding”, a “condition of satisfaction” prior to agreeing to take such a trip? Signed, Curious and Envious.

    • When asked, the kids both said that walking was just something we were doing and for the most part, it felt neutral. In part, it started as a game to see who could beat daddy’s pedometer. (A game they can’t lose, since his steps are longer.) The other part seems to be that we’re usually seeing something interesting or different when walking, which helps tremendously. Lucky for us, we’ve heard very little in the way of whining since all anyone has to do is ask to jump on public transport when they’ve had enough, which we often do. All in all, I guess it is just a “condition of satisfaction” that we all agreed to and is, thus far, working out.

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